Spanish sketches Federico Garcia Lorca (translation by Peter Bush)


Is the trip provocative and beautiful and beautiful in the ancient towns, bars and towns of Spain? Spanish sketches it will take you there. Originally published in Spanish Impressions and Landscapes, Spanish sketches Written by renowned author Federico Garcia Lorca, English readers will also enjoy it.
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The book was illustrated by Peter Bush, a professor of translation in British literature and well-known artist Julian Bell. This is a great read from the early 20th century textbook.
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Since its publication in 1918, fourteen short essays or “sketches” of Federico García Lorca’s experiences, reactions and thoughts have taken him on four Spanish trips to two very close Domes, at Martín Domínguez Berrueta University of Granada.
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Federico, the seventeen-year-old son of a privileged proprietor, sees churches and streets, clerics and prostitutes, passions and poverty through the eyes of a Buddhist humanist and poet.
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basically, Spanish sketches it is as much an excursion of the soul as it is an excursion of the body: “And travel the world, that way, when the lone door arrives, let all our existing emotions, virtue, sin be emptied, purity and darkness.” In his pages, the author addresses the relationship between the spiritual and the sensual: “We must be religious and profane, combine the mysticism of a brave Gothic cathedral with the miracle of pagan Greece.” This struggle is told, not by a seventeen-year-old who could have expected sophisticated self-awareness, but by the most beloved poet who foretold the emergence of Spain.
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Federico Garcia Lorca is dedicated Spanish sketches to his piano teacher:
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“To the respectful memory of my old teacher, a musician, where the maids were so often played on the piano and the rhythm in the air, his hand ran like a passion similar to a Beethoven sonata, a saint who passed through his silver hair at sunset.”
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Federico Garcia Lorca started from childhood for a music career. After a college trip described in Spain as Sketches of Spain, his own passions became more and more en route to writing. Garcia Lorca’s writing is a musical entertainer who has learned so well with force, rhythm and light.
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Federico Garcia Lorca’s Preface invites readers who dare to walk “to these pages”. I’m so glad I took the challenge. Also, I recommend it this way: you will be rewarded. Good trip – make a good trip.
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