The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP)

Rare collections, lotteries, tickets and notebooks for extended games
The newly created NFT1 concept opens the door to more symbolic ideas created on the BCH network. NFT1s share the same transaction chain in the BCH and serve as master and interchangeable SLP identifiers. The most notable factor is that the characters are not functional, but the ability to depict like a type 1 symbol that creates unique features of the NFT1 type. A number of non-interchangeable characters that can be combined can bring out ideas such as onchain raffles, lotteries or ticket events. Another concept creates a variety of collective brands and anyone can create a rare SLP coin.

SLP developers publish certain material that is unclean

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For example, NFT1s can be created to create collective symbols, such as concepts such as the Cryptokitties project built by Ethereum or rare cards that use an opponent. Games can also be created with Bitcoin’s Cash Blockchain using SLP symbols that work in the same way as Spells Genesis or Mafia Wars. SLP based blocking games can be intense, allowing developers to create NFT1-style armor, weapons, and machines. Although SLP takes the ID of the same group, each NFT1 value is different because they are all unique. The system is much stronger than a simple NFT, which is based on the same address as the new NFT1 standard defines the group ID.

SLP developers publish certain material that is unclean

Tokenization concepts can increase Onchain trades, which are tied to liquidity in the secondary market
Sound production has come a long way in the BCH chain and the concept has been developed as alcoholic beverages. In the case of a simple projecting protocol, the project was announced late in the summer, while the project was announced last summer. Like the BCH fanatic protocol, because when you give, send, or receive an SLP signal, all transmitted data is stored in a chain, which in turn can affect the BCH network. SLP is allowed and there is no permission to request or move symbols. The protocol procedure supports the consensus-based consensus and is very simple.

This means that you should not be a master software engineer who creates symbols and developers who published intuitive character acquisition programs on platforms like Electron Cash and SLP signals are also supported by the BCH ecosystem and are SPV friendly cash resources such as Badger, Ifwallet, Crescent Cash, Memo and Electron. Customers can also check transactions using or use’s BCH block expression. NFT1 launches on the horizon and the SLP system is growing because toxicomics is much stronger in collections, regulated securities, flags and supervised whitelists.