Flights from LAX to JFK – Everything you need to know about flights from LA to NYC


Flights from LAX to JFK are popular. Everyone wants to travel back and forth across the country, between the two most populous cities in the US. There are almost 30 flights a day on this route. The fastest duration is 4 hours and 51 minutes. Flying from NYC to LA would take about an hour longer due to jet stream and wind effects. A couple of centuries ago, it would have to travel 2,469 miles. Now it can be done in less than 6 hours.

You have many options. Many airlines outside LAX offer flights to New York:

• Alaska Airlines

• American Airlines

• US Airways

• Kingdom

• Spirit Airlines

• JetBlue

• Limit

• Delta

• Great Lakes Airlines

• Virgin Airlines

You can take the flight until 12:30 or 23:55. There are many flights from LAX to JFK. There are many of them with one or more connections, usually in cities like Phoenix or Charlotte. If you fly from Los Angeles to New York, you will probably reach Terminal 8. Delays are scarce, but when they occur, they take approximately 45 minutes.

The cheapest months to fly from the West Coast to the East Coast are February and October. Prices are high in April, June and July. The route is so popular that the price is not cheap all year round. To save the most money, it is advisable to book 25 days before departure. Low cost airlines include Spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Delta.

Add hotels and car rentals Flights to LAX from JFK

When booking a flight you will be able to book hotel accommodation and car rental. Gathering everything at once is cheaper than booking everything separately. However, as NYC public transportation is best, you don't need to rent it if you don't want a car.

If you have no preference for the airline, you can compare the prices of some airlines at the same time and choose the cheapest one. The more flexible the dates, the easier it will be to find low-cost flights. You can also choose whether you prefer the economy class or the business class.

When you want to go, take advantage of online travel coupons from LAX to JFK to help save your hotel room and / or car rental.

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